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Beads Made In USA

You can mail us at the address shown, or request our extensive catalog from this site for your beads made in USA and ceramic style beads needs. Contact us for any custom design work. Contemporary Beads & Casting Inc manufactures and distributes a large range of the finest Jewelry components, Pewter castings and custom items, and beads made in USA. Beads Made In USA defined with quality is/are what Contemporary Beads & Castings offers you. Explore your creativity with our beads made in USA, letter beads, and ceramic style beads.

We are also proud of our selection of Japanese Miracle Beads, Chinese Glass Beads, Lamp work Beads, Ceramic Beads, Fimo, beads made in USA, and more. Since 1990, we have been a major wholesale resource for beads made in USA, letter beads, and ceramic style beads. Please click through our site to see examples of our collection of pewter charms, pendants, beads, various clasps, and beads made in USA. Items include beads made in USA, pewter charms, pendants, beads, clasps, letter beads, custom orders, ceramic style beads and more.

The factory is a full service facility offering expertise in custom casting, designing, modeling, plating, epoxying and packaging beads made in USA. Our Rhode Island casting factory manufactures a large variety of cast jewelry components and other beads made in USA. We are direct importers of Miracle Beads from Japan, polymer clay beads from South Africa, glass beads from China, leather cord, and even ceramic style beads from Greece.Only the finest grades of metals are used in production of beads made in USA.


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