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Fish Charms

Fish Charms

Fish Charms - Order fish, dolphin, and whale charms online at Contempbeads.com

Wholesale fish charms for the trade. Our wholesale fish-related charms are perfect for bead resellers, seaside shops, and all those who value the use of lead-free pewter products for their customers. Various fish types, dolphins, whales, and shark items are our current offerings. In addition, we have fish-related charms that include moveable parts. For our fish collection, we have wholesale charms displaying salmon, bass, swordfish, decorative fish, Celtic fish, and a school of fish. In the decorative fish category, there are two styles of goldfish (singular and double) surrounded by coral, epoxy enameled colorful tropical fish, assorted epoxy enameled goldfish displayed with cute smiles and eyelashes, fish skeletons, and a plated fish connector with an antique gold finish look to it. Our single dolphins vary in size. You can select single and double dolphins facing right or left, depending upon which you prefer. There is also a charm that includes a dolphin with its calf. We have whole-bodied Humpback Whales, epoxy-enameled Orca Whales, and regular whales. In addition, there are charms showing only whale tails. To create popular shark tooth necklaces, we supply both small and large-sized lead-free pewter charms. For a unique addition to a jewelry design, our wholesale selection of moveable charms consists of a moveable whale mouth, shark jaw, fish skeleton, and school of fish. 

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