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6 Interesting Ways to Use Pewter Charms and Beads as Fashionable Accessories


Pretty retainers hanging down from your neck (for reading glasses and sunglasses) that are not just a plain strap, cord, or strip of fabric or leather are very difficult to find. But about 15 years ago I was lucky enough to find such a product when I walked into a teacher-parent supply store, never to be easily found again. The reading glass retainer had been beautifully created using an interesting and unique arrangement of beads. I received many compliments on it at the school I worked at! Nowadays, lead-free beads come in so many different styles and different shapes, such as tube beads


Many of them are also colorfully epoxy enameled. All that is needed is an imaginative design to create your own. 


Just like the retainers for sunglasses and reading glasses, interesting and unique rearview mirror car adornments are hard to come by. The basic single-color Mardi Gras beads or western-style feathers hanging from a leather cord are okay, but not very original. Why not express yourself with your own lead-free pewter bead and charm design? You can choose to make a design that solely uses beads, or you can sprinkle various favorite charms throughout the length of your creation. If you prefer to make your car adornment with a simple statement, whether it is one word or a brief comment, a charm at the very bottom can be hung. 

Many famous purse makers like Dior, Versace, Yves St Laurant, Dooney & Bourke, as well as many others, adorn their purses with dangling logos and other items such as tassels. Some famous purses even have key rings hanging from their strap with their brand name's initial logo as a charm on it. Why not make your own personalized keyring by dangling lead-free pewter alphabet charms or lead-free pewter beads with your own initials and attach it to the strap of your purse? 

Or instead of a key ring for your keys, create a longer hanging beaded design with various charms at the very end that represent you and your interests. Just imagine the totally one-of-a-kind design you can display hanging down the side or end of your purse! This would be an excellent gift for a female friend or relative!! 

Are you bored of the same-old-same-old laceup tennis shoes? Well, you can easily change that! Why not use a lead-free pewter shoe charm? You can also creatively show other interests and hobbies that are important to you in your life by hanging additional charms from the lace-through shoe charm. 

For those of us that are lovers of books, yes, we can probably go to a local bookstore or order online a prefab bookmark. But why would you want to do that when you can just as easily make your own individualized one? One that you will enjoy looking at every time you reach for your own special time for yourself? You don’t have to settle with the long part of a bookmark being commonly made out of card, fabric, or leather anymore. There are some really interesting and self-expressive lead-free pewter bookmarkers made with intricate designs, like this horse bookmarker.  


You can then decide upon which dangling lead-free pewter charm you want to add at the top of your bookmarker that means something special to you. In addition, depending upon the charm you choose, it might also give you an opportunity to put your own favorite crystal selection in it, like this Joy Butterfly Charm