How to Personalize 2 of Your Everyday Accessories with Lead-Free Charms and Beads

How to Personalize 2 of Your Everyday Accessories with Lead-Free Charms and Beads

Usually, when the words “charms” or “beads” are thought of, bracelets and necklaces easily come to mind. But I challenge you to think outside the box, to rethink and expand the use of these interesting and wide selections of charms and beads. Especially nowadays since the designs of them made from lead-free pewter are so extensive. The designs include almost any hobby or interest that a person might want to display to others. In addition, if you want to make a statement in words, you can spell it out by using the regular alphabet letter beads, Greek letters, Hebrew letters, the word itself,



pewter dream charm


Pewter Dream Bead


or directly use a symbol of what you want to say or represent.

Ribbon Charm with Pink Crystals

As stated above, charms and beads used in bracelets are not unusual, but a big trend recently is to own bracelets that can be equally used as a ponytail holder. In fact, a famous talk show host includes this type of item in her “Favorite Things” collection. I recently bought a bracelet ponytail holder, and have already decided to make my own next time since I want to have a nice design go all the way around my wrist instead of just along one side. The most important trick is to make sure to thread the beads and charms on a stretchy material that is a good size to wear around your wrist yet can withstand being pulled and stretched around your ponytail when you need it. When creating a bracelet/ponytail holder, it has to be decided whether or not to include hanging charms


pewter dog charm

Pewter Dog Charm


in the design or instead keep it as an all-bead style.


pewter cat charm

Pewter Cat Charm


Another aspect of this is, if including hanging charms, will there be hanging charms throughout the whole design, or only in one area. If adding charms in only one area, the person wearing the bracelet/holder will need to decide where they want the charm placement to be as they wrap the bracelet holder around their hair. If there are hanging charms spaced throughout it, then this will not need to be considered. For the simple easy use of a bracelet/ponytail holder, using beads exclusively is always an option and can be just as creative, if not more so, with the vast amounts of styles available. 

Everyone in the world who owns a key also owns a key ring. There are different versions of the actual ring that holds the key, such as a split ring, spring sleeve, socket lock, or key clip, but everyone has at least one. Instead of carrying around a basic key ring with just keys on it, why not adorn it with a charm or two that means something special to you? For example, if it’s a key ring being designed with a male in mind, the dangling charms could be his favorite sports or hobbies. For a pizza place owner, it could be a pizza pie charm with one slice missing.

Pewter Pizza Charm

Pewter Pizza Charm


What if a female is into surfing? Well, a surfer-girl charm on her key ring would be a daily reminder of what she is looking forward to. The possibilities are endless! If you prefer to have a charm attached to a key chain and then put it onto a key ring, that can be done too. That’s just an extended version of a dangling charm on a key ring, which can easily be created with the use of lead-free beads.

pewter surfer girl beach charm

Pewter Surfer Girl Beach Beach