Hummingbird Charms With Epoxy Enamel Wings

Ideas on How to Make Earth Day Bracelets for Younger Kids 


We adults know all about the importance of Earth Day, and for many years, schools have brought attention to this particular day to their students too. But too often, it’s celebrated for just the one day as the name implies, or maybe luckily even one week. Why not have your child, your friend’s child, or your other young relatives pay attention to the care of the earth for a month or longer with the help of a super cute bead and charm bracelet? What a novel idea for anyone selling handmade jewelry on Etsy or Pinterest! This can very easily be done by using the lead-free pewter beads and charms from to put together a bracelet. You can even get great bulk wholesale prices on the vast expanse of products offered by them.


While there is an amazing amount of different beads and charms to choose from to create a one-of-a-kind Earth Day bracelet, let’s take a look at a few ideas to get you started. First of all, the first most obvious lead-free pewter charm that needs to go on the bracelet is something related to the earth. And because this bracelet is geared towards getting kids to pay attention to the earth, the bead or charm should be something “in their face” super obvious, like the “Save Our Planet” charm below. If you don’t want it to be so obvious, then instead you can include a lead-free pewter moveable globe that doesn’t have any words on it, but is fun to have dangling on the bracelet because with your fingers, you can make the globe spin.





A lead-free tree of life embossed on a round disc pendant is a third way of reminding a young person that their bracelet is related to Earth Day. Once you have done that, then it’s time to add other beads and charms that go along with the main theme. So pause a moment about the various things that come to mind when you think about the earth. Then try to look at it from a kid’s perspective. In addition, remember that in general, young kids usually enjoy colorful things. So try to keep this in mind when choosing the beads and charms to be added to the bracelet you are making for them.


We all know the extreme importance of bees, and how they are not as numerous as they once were, so you might want to include a yellow and black epoxy enamel bee charm. You can use this to draw attention to the plight of the bees. And of course, including lead-free flower charms is a given to go along with the bee charm. You can include more realistic looking flower charms that dangle from the bracelet, or flower beads that connect around to make the main structure of the bracelet. But for younger kids, it might be cuter to use epoxy enameled colorful smiley flower charms like the ones below.




So you see where we are going with all of this, right? Keeping it cute, colorful, and focused on the earth and its important inhabitants. The next thing to add can be butterflies and birds. Again, for younger kids, stick with something colorful like epoxy enamel butterfly beads if you want them to connect around the main structure of the bracelet. Or you can choose epoxy enamel butterfly charms to hang from it instead. Either way it will look good, especially when you can choose from so many different colors like pink, purple, green, blue and mixed variations. All of these are available at bulk wholesale prices at Of course birds need to be included in the bracelet since you are adding butterflies. Although there are many types of birds, the cutest birds that come to mind are the little hummingbirds. As you can see below, the colors available are pink, purple, green, blue, and red.





There are a lot of other beads and charms that you can include in the design of these Earth Day bracelets for younger kids, but as mentioned earlier, these are just a few ideas to get you started. The last two charms to be mentioned here are a touch of something different to be added. One of them is in the lead-free pewter shape of a heart with a flower on it and with the words “Forget Me Not.” This sentiment can refer to the earth itself, or to the person creating and/or giving the bracelet. As seen below, the other charm is a locket that opens up. The inside left displays two flowers, while the right side is left blank, possibly available for a very small picture. On the cover of the closed locket is the shape of the face of a flower. All of these lead-free beads and charms and more can be found at