Women’s History Month & St. Patrick’s Day Charm Ideas for the Month of March

Women’s History Month & St. Patrick’s Day Charm Ideas for the Month of March 

Wow, we’re in the second month of the new year and heading fast toward the month of March already! It seems like everyone you meet says, “Boy, time sure flies fast lately!” And as I was watching the super exciting Super Bowl Game recently, I noticed some excellent clever commercials that were calling attention to women in sports and the wonderful progress they continue to make in the world of sports. So in light of the fact that the month of March is celebrating Women’s History, I thought I could give you two different viewpoints of ideas on how to use charms from www.contempbeads.com to celebrate such an important month. Of course, I will talk about St. Patrick’s Day too, but I thought we could start with something a bit unusual first.

Ready for the first unique idea? If you are a history buff, a student or professor of Women’s Studies at a university, or just a person that appreciates women in history overall, why not make your own one-of-a-kind Women’s History Month bracelet? You can make it for yourself, or for someone else you know that will appreciate the idea and the women in history that the charms represent. For example, in the field of education, for Mary McLeod Bethune, the founder of Bethune-Cookman University, the universally accepted symbol of education is an apple, which is the perfect charm to represent her. At www.contempbeads.com, we have both a red enameled  lead-free pewter apple charm as well as a plated antique lead-free pewter apple with an “A+” charm dangling at the bottom of it. For any family member or friend whose career is in education, this would be an excellent gift for them. Everyone knows the contribution Billie Jean King made in the world of sports when she famously competed on the tennis court back in the 1970’s, so what better representation of her and her efforts than a female tennis player charm made of lead-free pewter or a lead-free pewter tennis racket charm?


Marie Curie is probably the most famous female scientist that most people can easily name, or at least recognize her name and her contributions in the science field.  During her research, she had to grind pitchblend in a mortar and pestle in order to find the new elements related to her discovery of radioactivity. So here at www.contempbeads.com, we have an excellent symbol to add to your Women’s History Month bracelet. It is a very clearly detailed lead-free pewter mortar and pestle charm. Continuing along the lines of the science field, but leaning more toward the area of medicine, there is the very well-known Florence Nightingale and her heroic efforts to pioneer nursing and reform hospitals. This was very unheard of during her time since women in her age group did not attend universities or even pursue professional careers. And although the typical nurse cap was not worn by her during that time period, the lead-free pewter nurse cap charm that we offer at www.contempbeads.com to be added to your Women’s History Month bracelet will be easily understood to represent Florence Nightingale. This is a really great gift for a family member or friend in the nursing field.


Although Sara Christian was the first woman driver in NASCAR history back in 1949, for more recent historical females, it’s easy to recognize Danica Patrick’s amazing contributions as a professional race driver. For both of them, of course, there’s no better symbol to represent them than a lead-free pewter race car charm! You can get it in standard antique pewter or plated in an antique gold finish. There are countless numbers of other women from various cultures and backgrounds that are extremely important throughout history and can be represented with the variety of charms offered here at contempbeads, too many to include here. But let me name one more recent person whose symbolic charm definitely deserves to be included on your Women’s History Month bracelet. Mia Hamm is largely considered the best female soccer player in history. For your bracelet, you can either attach a lead-free plated antique pewter soccer jersey charm or a black and white epoxy enameled pewter soccer ball charm. And of course, it is also lead-free. So there you have it, the names of some very important women in history and some examples of the lead-free pewter charms we offer at www.contempbeads.com to start your Women’s History Month bracelet. Now, remember, there are many other historical women and symbolic charms to represent them that you can be adding to your bracelet. They make perfect gifts. If you want to be adventurous, want to start more awareness of this particular month, or are interested in selling this type of unique bracelet (I’ve never seen this idea done yet), then be sure to order in bulk for wholesale prices!  


Now for my second unique idea to celebrate Women’s History Month. Who’s to say that the women being celebrated have to be very famous and well-known women? Doesn’t your grandmother or mother have their own unique and interesting history? And by the way, you do too! So let’s see how you can use the lead-free pewter charms from www.contempbeads.com to reflect your grandmother’s history. First, to identify that the bracelet is reflecting your grandmother’s history and not someone else’s, you can include the pewter grandma connector charm in the bracelet you are making for her. It spells out the word “grandma” and can be made in standard antique pewter or plated in an antique gold finish. Additionally, as a very cute and unique lead-in for the bracelet, you can attach a lead-free pewter My Story charm. It says “My story” on the outside, is hinged, and opens up to reveal inside a cupid on the left side and a heart on the right side. This is a very personal touch, and can add quite a bit of sentimental value to your personalized bracelet charms.


Next, think about her lifetime and the personal as well as historical events that occurred during that time. Where was she living, what worldwide events was she a witness to, was she a participant or affected at that time by those events? To represent a world event, you can include a world globe charm. To represent falling in love and possibly getting married, a decorative heart charm is a perfect representative symbol. Perhaps you know of a situation she went through where she had to be emotionally very strong to deal with an issue. The lead-free pewter courage charm can be a recognition of the pride in the strength she had at that time to overcome a difficult situation. Did she give birth to a son and daughter? If so, www.contempbeads.com has a cute boy and girl charm showing them holding hands, two hearts above their heads, and a heart on the girl’s shirt. It’s super cute!



These are just a few examples of the types of things to think about when deciding which charms you would want to include on your grandmother’s history bracelet. You can do the same steps to also create your own mother’s history bracelet. Just instead of using the grandma connector charm, including the lead-free pewter mom connector charm to identify whose bracelet it is. Remember you can include your mother’s hobbies and interests as part of her history bracelet too. The ideas and possibilities of which charms to include are only limited to your own imagination, and your conversations with your grandmother and mother. Don’t forget, you can make history bracelets for your other relatives and friends too. If you’re in the business of making unique gift items and enjoy creating custom jewelry in the form of bracelets, what a novel idea! Make sure to buy in bulk at www.contempbeads.com for the very best bulk wholesale prices! 

Now, last, but certainly not at all least, let’s talk about St. Patrick’s Day!! So we all know what we think of….. shamrocks, the color green, and in many cases, beer! You can very easily create St. Patrick’s Day rings, earrings, key chains, necklaces, bracelets, or tennis shoe charms using a four-leaf clover charm, a beer mug charm, or an epoxy enamel green shamrock charm. For your creative St. Patrick’s Day jewelry projects, get the very best pricing deals when you buy bulk wholesale from www.contempbeads.com as your source for everything in charms and beads.