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Compass Charm (±1mm L x 13mm W x 11mm D; Hole -1mm-; 1D) *

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Compass Pewter Charms
Wholesale Compass Charms. The charm is flat with NESW engraved inand eight point star in the middleDimensions about 1mm L x 13mm W x 11mm D; Hole -1mm-; 1D - the charm is flat, plain on the back. This charm is made with quality lead free pewter metal and available in our standard antique pewter or antique gold plated finishes. *Other finishes are available for special order. Possible production overruns on specially ordered items will be added to the order.
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You're reviewing:Compass Charm (±1mm L x 13mm W x 11mm D; Hole -1mm-; 1D) *