Custom Beads, Custom Made Pewter Charms, Pendants and Beads

Our services include creating a new item in lead-free pewter from scratch. A detailed description or diagram with dimensions is required to manufacture your custom-designed charm, logo tag charms, bead, pendant, etc. Our custom work extends to other industries and includes buttons, belt buckles, hardware, etc. Based on the diagram, cost estimates will be provided. With written permission to go ahead, a model will be created from which samples will be produced and sent for approval. Thereafter production of the item will be run using rubber molds. Please contact us at 914-939-6833 or e-mail [email protected] for minimum order requirements and lead time for manufacturing.

Below are diagrams depicting the production process.

  • The Design

    Custom Design Clasp Drawing
  • Pewter Model of Design

    Custom Jewelry Logo Charms Model
  • Finished Product in Antique Pewter Finish

    Custom Pewter Castings
  • Making a mold

    Making Custom Mold for Pewter Casting
  • Compressing Mold

    Making Mold for Custom Pewter Castings
  • Casting Pewter

    Casting Pewter Charms, Beads and Custom Designs