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Thousands of pewter charms, rubber beads, jewelry-making components, custom metal casting, and more are ready for nationwide shipping.

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Huge selection of pewter charms and jewelry supplies for the trade only wholesale prices. All our charms are made in our USA factory using quality lead-free pewter. We offer a large variety of charms for all jewelry and craft needs. Most of our charms are available in our standard antique pewter silver tone finish. Other plated finishes such as gold, silver, copper, brass, and more may be special ordered. All pewter components are manufactured here in America and are lead and cadmium safe. We offer a variety of alphabet letters and numbers in beads and charms. Check out our categories to view more of our wholesale beads, charms, pendants, clasps like buttons, toggles, hook and eye, connectors, bails, and earring components. Our standard finish is antique pewter but we also offer most items in antique gold plating, silver, brass, copper, and gunmetal finishes

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  • Ideas on How to Make Earth Day Bracelets for Younger Kids 
    Hummingbird Charms With Epoxy Enamel Wings

    Ideas on How to Make Earth Day Bracelets for Younger Kids 


    We adults know all about the importance of Earth Day, and for many years, schools have brought attention to this particular day to their students too. But too often, it’s celebrated for just the one day as the name implies, or maybe luckily even one week. Why not have your child, your friend’s child, or your other young relatives pay attention to the care of the earth for a month or longer with the help of a super cute bead and charm bracelet? What a novel idea for anyone selling handmade jewelry on Etsy or Pinterest! This can very easily be done by using the lead-free pewter beads and charms fro

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  • Women’s History Month & St. Patrick’s Day Charm Ideas for the Month of March
    Women’s History Month & St. Patrick’s Day Charm Ideas for the Month of March

    Women’s History Month & St. Patrick’s Day Charm Ideas for the Month of March 

    Wow, we’re in the second month of the new year and heading fast toward the month of March already! It seems like everyone you meet says, “Boy, time sure flies fast lately!” And as I was watching the super exciting Super Bowl Game recently, I noticed some excellent clever commercials that were calling attention to women in sports and the wonderful progress they continue to make in the world of sports. So in light of the fact that the month of March is celebrating Women’s History, I thought I could give you two different viewpoints of ideas on how to use charms from www.contempbeads.com to celebrate such an important month. Of course, I will talk about St. Patrick’s Day too, but I thought we could start with something a bit unusual first.

    Ready for the first unique idea? If you are a history buff, a student or professor of Women’s Studies at a university, or just a person that a

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  • 6 Interesting Ways to Use Pewter Charms and Beads as Fashionable Accessories
    love lock charm pewter

    Pretty retainers hanging down from your neck (for reading glasses and sunglasses) that are not just a plain strap, cord, or strip of fabric or leather are very difficult to find. But about 15 years ago I was lucky enough to find such a product when I walked into a teacher-parent supply store, never to be easily found again. The reading glass retainer had been beautifully created using an interesting and unique arrangement of beads. I received many compliments on it at the school I worked at! Nowadays, lead-free beads come in so many different styles and different shapes, such as tube beads! 

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